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3 Ways to Avoid Dragging Out Your Divorce

When you know it’s time to let your marriage end, you might be eager to get through the process quickly. Unfortunately, even simple missteps can extend the divorce process, making things more painful for you and your family. A family law attorney at The Lowry Law Firm can guide you in the following ways to minimize the emotional process. In the meantime, remember the following:

  1. Communicate With Your Soon-to-Be Ex

Few things are more difficult than working out a divorce settlement with someone you once loved, but communicating with your soon-to-be ex is important. However, nothing is as important as keeping yourself and your children safe. For this reason, you should only communicate with your ex if you feel comfortable — otherwise, leave the communication to your attorney.

If necessary, keep communication to matters of the children and keeping things running in the household – who will pay the mortgage or utilities; transportation of the children to and from activities, etc.

  1. Never Hide Assets

Hiding assets is against the law and can severely complicate a divorce. Hiding assets can result in punishments like steep fines and jail time. If your spouse challenges the assets you bring to the table, then your estate might be evaluated and you could be left explaining your actions to a judge who has the power to put you behind bars.

Being open and honest about your assets can help keep things moving. Although it can be nerve-wracking, be completely forthcoming about your assets, including investment accounts, retirement, valuable property, and bonus programs. While it can be scary to expose your finances, the truth makes dividing property simple and keeps you out of trouble.

  1. Be Flexible With Parenting Schedules

You love your kids, which is why you might find yourself in a custody dispute. Not agreeing about parenting schedules is one of the most common reasons divorces drag on, so try to be as flexible as possible with co-parenting schedules – what kind of schedule will meet the best interests of the children.

Consider your personal work schedule, travel time, and the needs of the children when it comes to co-parenting. Remember, your children and their concerns should come first.

To make the divorce process less stressful for your kids, try to create a co-parenting schedule that allows your children to go about their normal activities with few interruptions.

Divorce can be hard. At the Lowry Law Firm, our entire team focuses on creating an environment where people can work together effectively. We’ll work with you and make sure your rights are protected. We can help with everything from separation and divorce, to paternity and custody modifications. Visit our office today for more information.

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