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Tips to avoid a DUI/DWI this summer from the Jefferson County Lawyers at Lowry

02F01876With Memorial Day approaching, this usually marks the beginning of the summer season where you can relax and let loose. However, this also marks the beginning of one of the most dangerous times to be on the road. The seasonal benefits bring people out and about, and with this, a higher volume of alcohol-impaired drivers. Police know these statistics and you should be aware that they are out patrolling specifically for drunk drivers. If you do plan on drinking during these dangerous months, here are some tips from the Jefferson County DUI lawyers at Lowry to avoid a DUI/DWI, which lasts way longer than a summer tan.


Don’t drink and drive.

This one goes without saying. The best way to avoid a DUI/DWI is to not have alcohol in your system when driving. When you’re on vacation or at a pool party or in a bar and you know there is no way to get yourself home besides driving, just don’t do it! Remember, cops are on special duty to catch people during these months, so you can plan other fun ways to enjoy the sun without that beverage. Just be safe, because DUIs/DWIs can put a bummer on the rest of your summer.


Plan your trips accordingly.

If you do plan on drinking with your friends, plan accordingly. For example, on that vacation trip to the lake, appoint a different designated driver per night you’re there. If no one volunteers to be the DD, set aside a budget specifically for cab fare—and if you don’t use it, then turn that extra cash into something fun! Perhaps drink close to where you’re staying to avoid the scramble for a ride home later. Altogether, get together your plan of action BEFORE you even go out, instead of when you’re making impaired choices because of drinking. You can never be too prepared.


Be aware of Missouri’s drinking laws

If you do partake in drinking and have to drive home, know Missouri’s drinking laws. For example, the BAC for a DUI/DWI in Missouri is, unsurprisingly, 0.08%. So do whatever it takes to remain below that limit. Drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage, eat plenty, keep in mind how much you have had to drink, know your limits. Also, there are many smartphone apps to download to test how impaired you are (Intoxicheck, DrinkTracker and Breathaleyes, to name a few). Perhaps just knowing the implications of a DUI/DWI may dissuade you to drink and drive. For example, there is a possibility of $500 fine, 30 day license suspension and, most detrimentally, jail time for up to six months. Educate yourself and don’t become another drunk driving, summer statistic.


Overall, have fun this summer but be smart about it. Take note of the first tip and simply don’t drink and drive. However, if you do catch yourself in hot waters, one of the Jefferson County lawyers from the Lowry Law Firm may help. Contact us if any trouble arises.


Have a good summer!


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