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Divorce in Missouri: Common Questions You May Have

If you are contemplating a divorce in Missouri, you may have several questions about the process. Keep reading for some helpful information if you intend to divorce in the state of Missouri.

Is Missouri a No-Fault State?

Missouri is a no-fault state. This means that neither party to the divorce have to prove the other was at fault for the divorce. The only basis usually required for divorce is to show there is no chance the marriage can move forward and the divorce is irreconcilable.

What About Spousal Maintenance?

If one party of the marriage is not able to financially afford his or her reasonable expenses after the divorce, a judge can order the other spouse to pay maintenance. There is no actual formula to help you know exactly how much you will either pay or receive in maintenance. The judge will evaluate the circumstances of your marriage to decide how much maintenance is appropriate.

For instance, the judge will look at each party’s income and expenses, as well as how long you were married. The judge will also determine how well each person is able to meet his or her own reasonable needs and how long until the spouse receiving the maintenance is able to obtain gainful employment.

Maintenance can be for a set term of months or years or for the life or remarriage of the maintenance recipient. You can can settle on your maintenance terms without going to trial or you can go to court if you cannot agree. If you have any additional questions about divorce in Missouri, please contact us at The Lowry Law Firm. We look forward to helping you during this complex time in your life.

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