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DWI Laws in Missouri: A Helpful Overview from the Jefferson County Criminal Defense Attorneys at Lowry

In a post from a few weeks ago on how to avoid a DWI this summer, the Jefferson County criminal defense attorneys at The Lowry Law Firm advised you to “be aware of Missouri’s drinking laws.” Below is a more robustly detailed infographic about those DWI laws, including BAC, the criminal penalties, information about suspension and revoking of licenses, implied consent, and more. Read it, learn it, and study it because these are dangerous months to be driving. Police know the statistics of the higher volume of alcohol-impaired drivers and they are out patrolling specifically for drunk drivers. If you do plan on drinking, it is important to know your rights and the potential consequences of doing so. Knowing this valuable information from the Jefferson County criminal defense attorneys could prevent problems in the future. Avoid a DWI that lasts way longer than that summer tan!

DWI-Laws_Jefferson County Criminal Defense Attorneys at Lowry


Some highlights of that post include potentially having to pay a $500 fine, a hard 90 day license suspension and, most detrimentally, jail time for up to six months. Educate yourself and don’t become another drunk driving summer statistic. Do whatever it takes to remain below the 0.08 limit! Do this by drinking a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage, eat before, during and after to offset the effects, keep a tab on how much you have had to drink in a night– most of all, know your limits. Of course, we always advise to not drink and drive, but if you do find yourself in trouble, one of the knowledgable Jefferson County criminal defense attorneys at the Lowry Law Firm may be able to help. Have fun out there, but be smart and pay attention to the law. Let us know how we can help!



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