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Repost: Common Mistakes People Make in a Divorce from a Jefferson County Lawyer at The Lowry Law Firm

Divorce is a difficult and trying process.  It is emotionally draining and time-consuming, on top of your already busy life.  It’s easy to get frustrated during the divorce process, and in frustration, you can make a mistake that will end up costing you much more than it rightfully should.  Below are three examples of common mistakes couples make when facing a divorce. A Jefferson County lawyer at the Lowry Law Firm also offers tips to avoid them.



While emotions are running high with both parties of a divorce, now is certainly not the time to be rash.  You must remain calm, and be sure not to do anything that will give your ex-spouse undue leeway in the courtroom.  A common example is taking any children and leaving the home without telling the ex-spouse where you or your children are (of course, in cases where abuse is present, it is a different story).  At best, all this will do is cause resentment and spite, making the whole divorce process even more difficult.  At worst, your ex-spouse may call the police, and use this as grounds to gain more influence in the divorce proceedings.

Even if children are not involved, being spiteful and mean to your ex-spouse can do nothing to help the divorce process. This Jefferson County lawyer at the Lowry Law Firm advise you to remain rational and calm—the ordeal will be over sooner rather than later.


Again, divorce is a painful thing, and many people attempt to rush through the process, sign all the papers, and move on.  Divorce is a major life decision, and the outcome of the divorce will have lifelong consequences.  Read everything you sign, be meticulous in discussing details with your lawyer and your ex-spouse.  If both spouses talk through as much as they can, the process will go smoother, and the outcome will be fair.


Instead of rushing the process of divorce, there are occasions when one spouse decides that he or she has had enough, and gives up fighting for what is rightfully theirs.  Giving up can allow your ex-spouse to take more than what is rightfully theirs, perhaps even involving custody of any children you may share.

While it can be tempting to just throw your hands in the air and give up, it is very important to maintain formality.

You can see through these examples that the typical issue when facing divorce is losing one’s rationality, decency, and civility.  This process is of course difficult and emotional, but follow the above tips and the advice of this Jefferson County lawyer at the Lowry Law Firm, and your divorce should proceed fairly. Go here for more information!

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