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Three Things to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

People are cast into many situations that require a lawyer, but none are more pressing than a criminal case. In special examples like these, your freedom and livelihood are at stake. You should take the time and diligence to weigh your options in choosing a criminal defense lawyer—someone who you can trust to handle your case efficiently and will provide you with the high quality legal defense you need. There are some things attorneys can do that you simply are not able to do by yourself. For example, criminal defense lawyers are trained to have a keen eye for arguments that might be the deciding factor in reducing or negating sentences. So, if you’re faced with any crimes, whether they are felonies, misdemeanors, or traffic violations, don’t do it alone. Look for these things to find the best attorney for your case and preserve your freedom.



There is an advantage to having a local attorney—or rather, a lawyer who has experience in or around the court where your case is pending. Though states as a whole have many laws that remain the same, there might be procedures and personnel that vary from county to county. For example, a Jefferson County criminal defense lawyer will likely be more familiar with Jefferson County’s Prosecuting Attorneys and the county courts’ policies and procedures. Additionally, local lawyers will know the prosecutors’ practices due to past experiences and can tailor arguments to best oppose them. Finally, advice given to the defendant is based on the temperament of the community, and this may help a case beyond measure. The best predictor on how the verdict may come out is someone who has worked in that community. This works to your advantage because, once again, an attorney can tailor your defense based on the views of the local community and environment.


Experience & Expertise

The most experience and the best expertise can help you get out of tough situations. Here are a few questions you may ask a firm before hiring them to ensure that you’re getting the best legal defense:

  • Have you represented others charged with this offense before?
  • Do you have a general number of how many?
  • How often do people at your firm handle these charges?
  • How often have you appeared in the courthouse where my case is pending?
  • Will I incur additional fees?
  • What attorney will appear in court with me?

Getting the answers to these questions can help gauge who can provide the best representation for your case. Only when a firm answers your questions sufficiently are they possibly a firm for you. If you ever leave the office uncomfortable or questioning whether they are right for you, then they are not the firm for you.

Trust & Respect

After you’ve done all of your research and narrowed down the choices, the next step is to meet with your selected lawyer! During this time, ask them any questions and see if you can build up a relationship—a relationship based on trust. No matter how many cases they’ve won or how highly recommended they are, it all comes down to whether you feel confident in their skills. Trust is crucial between a lawyer and a defendant; there has to be a mutual respect for the latter to divulge information that is sometimes delicate. The best lawyer-client relationships are ones in which both parties are active in the decision-making process. Lawyers are there for guidance, but in the end, it’s your case and you should have a say. Ideally, this relationship entails meeting regularly—not just for a few seconds in the court hallway prior to the hearing, especially with an attorney you have never met. You should not have unanswered questions before you go to court. Look for an attorney who seems to have your best interest in mind; it is easier to open up and to build trust.


Altogether, if you’re in a tough situation that calls for a lawyer, look for one who has knowledge and expertise, especially in your local court, and whom you are comfortable. When your livelihood is at stake, you need the most aggressive lawyers working for you. A Jefferson County criminal defense lawyer at the Lowry Law Firm can help. We are exemplary of all of these qualities.


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