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Two More Things to Look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you been accused of committing a crime? Then you’re probably in the process of vetting and hiring a good defense attorney. But, how do you know what to look for? Here are two things to look for in a great criminal defense attorney.

  1. Experience: A good criminal defense attorney will have proven experience in handling criminal cases. He or she will have at least two years of experience in both local and state cases. New lawyers are not ideal for a criminal defense cases involving serious crimes, and it is important that you hire a lawyer with proven experience in cases regarding the exact crime you are seeking representation for.
  2. Results: Finally, the remaining lawyers you have to choose from should be proven winners. Choosing a lawyer based off experience isn’t enough to get the best result. Ask your lawyer to share his or her track record. Also, have your potential lawyer review your case as-is and share the possible options they believe they can argue for you.


At The Lowry Law Firm, our criminal defense lawyers are experienced in an array of criminal defense areas, have argued a variety of cases, and host a record of positive, proven results. We handle all criminal defense matters including felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic matters.


Visit our criminal defense page for more information and commonly asked questions and answers.

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