What To Do After a Workplace Injury

When a workplace injury occurs, not only are you experiencing the physical pain of an injury, but also the mental pain of dealing with insurances companies. To help support family members and pay medical bills, you should file a workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible. However, matters become more difficult during an already trying time when you make common mistakes during the process. The Jefferson County lawyers at The Lowry Law Firm offer these tips on what to do after a workplace injury, so that you may receive full workers’ compensation reimbursement without all the hassle.


  1. Make a timely report of your accident and/or injury
  2. Have a Workers’ Compensation doctor examine your injury.
  3. Consult with The Lowry Law Firm immediately


The Jefferson County lawyers at The Lowry Law Firm can ease the pressure that injured workers face. We have a strong understanding of Missouri Workers’ Compensation laws and the experience to protect your rights to ensure you can pay bills, support your family, and heal physically. Contact us!