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What to do if you get a DWI?

Deciding to drive while intoxicated is a serious and life threatening decision. You are placing not only yourself at risk, but also passengers who may be in the car and other nearby drivers and pedestrians.

A DWI is a serious matter—one that can not only impact your current ability to drive, but also can result in long-term effects, including negative reactions from potential employers, increased insurance rates, and possibly even not getting a future job.

At The Lowry Law Firm, we don’t want to make you feel worse; rather, our goal is to help you understand how your future will be impacted and help you plan your next steps. Our DUI/DWI lawyers are skilled criminal and civil defense lawyers with proven results when it comes to DWIs.

Let’s start with what you need to do after getting a DWI:

  1. Seek Legal Counsel: It’s key to understand the laws in your area, and hiring an experienced defense lawyer can help make the ensuing process much easier.
  2. Court Date: Unless you hire an attorney, be present at your court date. Not appearing can result in even worse consequences.
  3. Work Towards Forgiveness: The court will always hand out punishments for DWI ranging from probation to fines and possible jail time. Fulfill any punishments on time to eliminate the possibility of further issues. The severity of punishment will depend on the severity of your offense, and your lawyer can help you prepare for possible outcomes.
  4. Insurance: With a DWI, talk to your lawyer to determine whether you need to file an SR-22, which proves you have the proper insurance.

What if I’m not guilty?

If you aren’t guilty, your first step should still be to seek legal counsel. Hiring an experienced DWI lawyer is going to be essential if you want to fight your case in court. The Lowry Law Firm takes a rigorous approach in fighting DWI cases and ensures our clients are ready with a customized trial strategy that will help improve their chances in court.

If you have gotten a DWI recently contact The Lowry Law Firm today for help in fighting for your future.

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