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Preparing Yourself for a Divorce

If you are considering a divorce right now, you should do everything you can to prepare yourself. Divorces are tough situations, and if you are not prepared for the legal proceedings, you could find yourself struggling to make good decisions with the splitting of your property. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible: gather all the documents you need, stay calm, and get a great divorce lawyer. Here at The Lowry Law Firm, we work hand in hand with each one of our clients to ensure that their divorce is as civil, mutually beneficial, and smooth as possible. Schedule a meeting with our divorce specialist today to see how we can help you navigate your divorce.

Financial Documents

Financial documents are some of the most important things to gather when going through a divorce. These documents outline all of the assets that you and your partner have between the two of you, most of which will be divided in the divorce. These documents include but aren’t limited to:

  • Bank Statements
  • Tax Returns
  • Proof Of Income
  • Retirement Account Statements
  • Mortgage Statements
  • Proof of Bonds & Stocks
  • Loan Documents
  • Property Tax Statements
  • Utility Bills
  • Proof of Any & All Remaining Assets
  • Proof of Prenuptial Agreements (If you have any)

Divorce Settlement Agreement

Once the divorce process has ended, you will receive a divorce judgment and decree. These documents contain the court rulings concerning custody of children, payment of maintenance or support, property division, the splitting of funds including retirement accounts, as well as any debt division. . This is a legally binding document and both you and your ex will need to follow or you could be held in contempt.

Protect yourself, your family, and your assets by choosing an elite divorce lawyer. Here at The Lowry Law Firm, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled legal services to all of our clients, from family law to workers comp and criminal defense. Contact our team of legal experts to protect yourself and your family today.

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