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Sex Offenses Jefferson County, MO

Sex offenses are some of the most serious crimes.  On one hand, from a legal perspective, they can result in significant prison sentences, sex offender registration, and lifetime GPS monitoring.  On the other hand, even merely being charged can have a negative, embarrassing stigma—whether the charges are rape, relate to child molestation, or relate to child pornography.  Any time you are charged with a sex offense, consult with an experienced sex offense lawyer.  In fact, even if you have not been charged but you hear of sex charge allegations, it is advisable to talk to a sex offense attorney.

Moreover, defending sex offense charges requires care and diligence.  These cases often contain scientific or technological evidence in addition to statements of witnesses and law enforcement.  They require significant time allotment, attention to detail, and organization skills.  Because of all these factors, individuals charged with or suspected of committing a sex offense need to consult with a dedicated and knowledgeable sex offense attorney.

Especially when the stakes are high, you need a criminal defense attorney who will not only thoroughly evaluate, analyze, and assess all aspects of your case, but also understand the evidence.  The criminal defense attorneys at The Lowry Law Firm will do that, leaving no stone unturned.  They focus not on whether you committed the crime, but whether the prosecutor can prove it.  The Lowry Law Firm’s sex offense lawyers know Missouri’s sex offense laws to advise you how the law applies to your case and have insight to how local prosecutors and judges treat sex offense charges.  If you are charged with or are a suspect for a sex charge, contact The Lowry Law Firm’s criminal defense lawyers immediately.

The Lowry Law Firm’s criminal defense attorneys handle sex offense charges in the following counties:

  • Franklin County
  • Jefferson County
  • St. Francois County
  • Genevieve County
  • St. Louis County
  • Washington County

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