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Family Law Attorney Jefferson County, MO

Family law encompasses many aspects of marriage and family. Our family law attorneys deal with all aspects of family law on a daily basis and are dedicated to helping you find a peaceful and agreeable solution that works best for your family’s needs.

Get the counsel you need when facing difficult family decisions 

Our Family Law team is ready to help you in the complex areas of family law such as: divorce, child custody & visitation, child support, paternity, orders of protection, adoption, modifications, pre-marital agreements/post-nuptial agreements, and grandparent’s rights.


Maybe you are about to get married and have questions about prenuptial agreements or post-marital agreements. We can help you decide what should be considered when drafting those agreements and keep the peace between you and your loved ones while doing so.


If you are considering divorce, we can help you every step of the way to understand your rights and the decisions you will be required to make. Divorce can be messy; avoid the common mistakes and allow the family law attorneys at The Lowry Law Firm to work to ensure all conflicts are resolved between parties without adverse effects on the family as a whole.

Children and Adoption

Children are a blessing, but sometimes difficulties can arise that need an experienced and sensitive hand. Our attorneys are adept at handling cases involving paternity, adoption, child custody and visitation, child support, orders of protection for children, and grandparent’s rights.

Domestic Violence/Orders of Protection

No pain should go unreported, especially when a loved one causes it. If you are or know of a loved one experiencing violence at home, don’t hesitate to contact family law attorneys at Lowry and find out what your rights are—you may be eligible for an Order of Protection from the court. Let us help you take a stand to protect you and your family from further harm.

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