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Pre-nuptial Agreements Attorney Jefferson County, MO

Before you get married, you may wish to speak with a family law attorney about a pre-nuptial agreement.  Those agreements can help you protect your assets from the very beginning-even before the marriage.  In the process of creating a pre-nuptial agreement, The Lowry Law Firm’s family law lawyers can work with you to determine how you can protect your money and your property in the event that your marriage ends in divorce.  Essentially, by executing a pre-nuptial agreement, you are eliminating the possibility of an argument in the future about who is entitled to what.  Any chance that you have to eliminate an argument in a marriage is a chance that you should take.

A pre-nuptial agreement can be a wonderful tool to ease the minds of both parties going into a marriage that what they had before the marriage will be protected.  In the unfortunate event that a divorce occurs, the pre-nuptial agreement entered into before the marriage can make that divorce less expensive, quicker, and less painful than if you didn’t have that agreement beforehand.  It is important to consult with a family law attorney that has the knowledge and experience to carefully draft the pre-nuptial agreement to prevent any additional arguments about the agreement in the divorce.  The Lowry Law Firm’s family law attorneys’ knowledge of and experience with divorces and pre-nuptial agreements will leave you in good hands.

The Lowry Law Firm’s family law attorneys can assist you with a pre-nuptial agreement if you will be registering your marriage anywhere in the State of Missouri. 

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