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Traffic Violations Attorney Jefferson County, MO

You may think it is easier to plead guilty to a traffic violation and send in the money rather than deal with the hassle of hiring an attorney, but a guilty plea can have long-term consequences, including points on your license that raise your insurance rates, higher fines, or loss of driving privileges.

You have a right to challenge traffic violations. Representation by The Lowry Law Firm can result in reduced charges, non-point amendments, or an acquittal. You don’t have to settle for points, higher fines, higher insurance rates, or a loss of driving privilege. In many situations, you may not even have to go to court to resolve a minor traffic ticket or violation.

Our firm handles citations for every type of traffic violation, including, but not limited to: speeding (including construction zone & travel safe zone tickets), careless and imprudent driving, child restraint or car seat violations, failure to stop, failure to wear a seat belt, following too closely, failure to maintain a single lane, failure to drive on the right half of the roadway, no insurance, driving while revoked or suspended (DWR/DWS).

Commonly Asked Questions & Answers:

  • Do I need a lawyer?

    It is possible, but not advisable, for you to represent yourself if you are charged with driving while intoxicated. DWI defense is very complex, constantly changing, and a conviction or plea of guilty comes with increasingly serious consequences. Procedural, evidentiary, constitutional, sentencing and administrative license issues can present challenges for those inexperienced in DWI defense.

    A qualified DWI defense attorney can take a host of beneficial actions, including reviewing the case for defects, suppressing evidence, compelling discovery of such things as calibration and maintenance records for the breath machine, having blood samples independently analyzed, negotiating for a lesser charge or reduced sentence, obtaining expert testimony for trial, perform depositions, and contesting the administrative license suspension, among other things.

  • How much will a lawyer cost?

    Multiple factors can impact the cost of your case – whether your charge is a misdemeanor or felony, whether you have any prior arrests, convictions, or prior pleas of guilty, whether an expert is needed, and if the case will be resolved by plea bargain or by trial. We will provide a written estimate at your request and explain any pertinent terms to you.

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