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Annulment Attorney Jefferson County, MO

In certain circumstances, an annulment may be the appropriate method of terminating a marriage.  An annulment is appropriate when a marriage is invalid from the beginning.  For example, if one of the parties was still married at the time of this marriage, or if there was fraud committed that induced you into the marriage, then an annulment may be appropriate.

Although annulments are allowed in only very limited situations, it could be the right choice for you. As an annulment invalidates the marriage completely, it is as if the marriage itself has never taken place.  Please call The Lowry Law Firm’s family law lawyers to discuss the options of annulment and divorce to terminate your marriage. The Firm’s divorce and annulment attorneys will listen to your position, provide you advice, and allow you to make the decision.  Whatever decision you make, they will aggressively pursue it in court.

The Lowry Law Firm’s family law attorneys handle annulments in Jefferson, Ste. Genevieve, St. Francois, and Washington Counties.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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