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Driving While Intoxicated Jefferson County, MO

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Missouri can be driving impaired by alcohol or drugs, or even a combination of both.  Regardless of the type of intoxication, the consequences of DWI charges can be the same—potential loss of license, jail time, DWI conviction, among others.

When individuals are arrested for DWI, it is important to get a lawyer involved immediately.  First, the consequences for providing a blood or breath sample with a blood alcohol content over .08 and for refusing a blood or breath test are drastically different and can affect individuals immediately; therefore, individuals arrested for DWI should request the officer allow them to contact an attorney before choosing whether to provide a sample or refuse.  Second, DWI laws are extremely complex and there are several considerations to balance in making decisions throughout the DWI process.  For example, a third DWI conviction will likely cause a 10-year license denial.

Lots of attorneys handle DWIs, but it is an absolute must to get a DWI lawyer who can balance all of the components of a DWI.  The Lowry Law Firm’s DWI lawyers know Missouri’s DWI laws and can advise you on how the laws apply to your case.  Additionally, DWIs can be treated differently in each county.  For example, individuals may be treated differently in St. Louis County than in Jefferson County for a DWI offense.  The Firm’s DWI attorneys have insight to how local prosecutors and judges treat DWI charges in various counties.  If you are charged with or are a suspect for a DWI charge, contact The Lowry Law Firm’s DWI lawyers immediately.  They will focus not on whether you committed the crime, but whether the prosecutor can prove it.

The Lowry Law Firm’s DWI attorneys handle these charges in the following counties and municipal courts:

  • Franklin County
  • Jefferson County
  • St. Francois County
  • Genevieve County
  • St. Louis County
  • Washington County
  • Arnold
  • Byrnes Mill
  • Crystal City
  • De Soto
  • Festus
  • Herculaneum
  • Pevely

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