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Civil Contempt During a Divorce

Divorce can be a sticky situation, and even after a ruling has been issued, there can still be a wide variety of speed bumps along the way. One of the most common issues for individuals dealing with a divorce is when one of the parties involved goes back on or does not continue to uphold their part of the agreement. From falling behind on child support payments to failure to liquidate or properly manage joint assets, these issues can be dealt with by filing a Motion for Contempt. Regardless of whether you are thinking of filing a Motion for Contempt or if you have been served with one, it is extremely important to consult with a family law expert before you go any further. Here at the Lowry Law Firm, we have helped thousands of individuals safely and easily deal with divorce proceedings both before and after the initial divorce ruling. If you are considering getting a divorce or need help with legal complications stemming from your divorce, contact the elite team of family law experts here at the Lowry Law Firm today.

Understanding Your Judgment

One of the most important things that you need to do when getting a divorce is to study and thoroughly analyze the final judgment in your case. Divorces are intrinsically messy, and if you have multiple properties, children, or other outlying stipulations that are part of your judgment, things can easily fall through the cracks. Certain things like child support and alimony can easily be automated, with the required money coming out of your account every month without you ever needing to worry about it. Other things like property liquidation, management, and pre-agreed upon refinancing will require you to be actively involved and focused. Make sure that you understand exactly what it is that you are required to do during your divorce proceedings, as failing to do so could lead to you being served a Motion for Contempt. You can easily bypass these legal worries by having a family law expert read over your judgment or help you through your divorce proceedings.

Possible Consequences

For most cases of civil contempt the case is fairly cut and dry, with one party failing to live up to their end of the bargain and this failure being clarified in court. Once again, it is extremely important for both parties involved with the divorce to understand their responsibilities and what is owed to them following divorce proceedings.

If your partner has failed or fallen behind on their court-ordered judgment or you have been served with a Motion for Contempt, you need to protect yourself and your family from any additional harm. Contact the elite legal team here at the Lowry Law Firm today to have our team help you get all you need to get back on track with your life after your divorce.

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