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Marijuana Jefferson County, MO

Many people believe marijuana should be legal, but currently, it remains illegal except for medical purposes.  Even to possess or grow marijuana for medical purposes, there are restrictions.  Individuals must obtain an order from a physician and obtain a permit to legally possess it and, in some circumstances, they can get a permit to legally cultivate it.  With permits, there are special restrictions on how much marijuana individuals can possess or grow.  While it remains illegal, it can be either a felony possession, delivery, or trafficking charge, high-level misdemeanor possession charge, or low-level misdemeanor possession charge.

Although many people believe marijuana laws should be less restrictive, there are others who believe it should remain illegal.  Some of these people may be in positions of hiring employees.  Even with the current push to legalize marijuana, it is important to avoid having a marijuana possession charge because it is still technically a drug charge.  Hire a lawyer who can try to prevent you from pleading guilty to marijuana possession.

The Lowry Law Firm’s criminal defense lawyers can help.  They are up-to-date on Missouri’s marijuana possession laws, as well as how local prosecutors and judges treat marijuana possession offenses.  Individuals may be treated differently for marijuana possession in circuit courts, like Jefferson County, than municipal courts.  Moreover, the Firm’s criminal defense attorneys focus not on whether you committed the crime, but whether the prosecutor can prove it.  If you are charged with or are a suspect for a possession of marijuana charge, contact The Lowry Law Firm’s marijuana possession charge lawyers immediately.

The Lowry Law Firm’s criminal defense attorneys handle marijuana possession charges in the following counties and municipal courts:

  • Franklin County
  • Jefferson County
  • St. Francois County
  • Ste. Genevieve County
  • St. Louis County
  • Washington County
  • Arnold
  • Byrnes Mill
  • Crystal City
  • De Soto
  • Festus
  • Herculaneum
  • Pevely

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